Halo HeadShots, designed to present you as

Trustworthy, Confident, Competent and Approachable.

You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

With a standout HeadShot or a great Portfolio, you can make a powerful and lasting impression - whether it’s for social media, to post to a dating site, get that dream job, win that role, or simply raise your profile.
HeadShots are ideal for social media sites, for actors/actresses, corporate websites and more and are done either at your home, office or in-studio. They are shot from the shoulders up, on a bright background and produce a clean modern image.

Portfolios are enhanced HeadShots designed to portray your best features and personality with a variety of expressions shot on various backgrounds to compliment your looks. 

Job seekers often hear that they should be on LinkedIn to improve their chances of landing a new position. However, joining just to say you’re on it isn’t going to get you that dream job. According to Business Insider, LinkedIn profiles with a photo are seven times more likely to be viewed than ones without an uploaded photo.

How to prepare for your HeadShot session


You are the star of this photo session so it’s important to feel good because when you feel good you look good. Wear clothing that makes you feel both confident and comfortable. Try to wear solid colors and choose a color that accentuates your skin tone. Blacks, blues and whites tend to be complimentary for a headshot, avoid any busy patterns or stripes.
HeadShots are from the shoulders up so a comfortable pair of jeans is a good choice for both men and women. 
Jewelry is not recommended, although small earrings that are not distracting may be worn.    

Hair and Makeup

To get your skin looking healthy before the session, I'd recommend putting on a good moisturizer before your session.
Try to keep the makeup looking as natural as possible. Too much makeup just won't look good, so it's best not to worry about getting fancy with anything you wouldn't do on a daily basis.
Come in with light, natural-looking makeup already done.
Your hair should to be as close to the way you look on a fantastic hair day.
Make sure your eyes are clear, bring drops if needed.
Keep in mind that any temporary blemishes will be removed.
Headshot photo sessions are designed to be fun and easy so get a good nights sleep for yours.


Each image has 3 Hi-Resolution versions.

FULL SIZE IMAGE - A Hi-Resolution image suitable for websites that can be enlarged and printed.

RECOMMENDED CROP IMAGE - A Hi-Resolution image with a modern crop for business cards.

SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZED IMAGE - A Hi-Resolution "profile" image cropped for digital media networks (Linkedin, Facebook, ect.).


Which Session is Right For you?

Need just one HeadShot?
Get that single defining HeadShot to show “the best you”.
Includes 1 professionally retouched image, basic coaching and a digital proofing gallery.
You can always upgrade to the Portfolio HeadShot Session at anytime.
*additional retouched images $25.00 each.

Ideal for professional influencers to capture a wider range of images for social media sites, business cards, brochures or to post on a website and includes enough time for several outfit changes.
Includes 3 professionally retouched images, advanced coaching and a digital proofing gallery.
*additional retouched images $25.00 each.


Pricing for more then one individual is if everyone is photographed on the same day and the same location.
Up to 30 minute sessions each, two outfits, extensive coaching.
Includes 2 professionally retouched images of your choice.
2-5 people  $75 each
6-10 people $65 each
11+ people Call for quote
*additional retouched images $25.00 each.

Up to 20 minute sessions each, one outfit, basic coaching.
Includes 1 professionally retouched image of your choice.
2-5 people  $65 each
6-10 people $50 each
11+ people Call for quote
*additional retouched images $25.00 each.


50% deposit required to reserve session date, balance is due at or before scheduled session. 

* No printed photos are included.