First of all let me admit...”I hate having my photo taken”, I rate it somewhere between jury duty and a root canal. Sure It’s all good when the camera’s in my hands but when the lens is on me I worry “what do I do, how do I stand, is my smile nice, are we done yet”? 
Sound familiar?

The reality is that, aside from the casual cel phone shot or selfie, we lack the knowledge and the experience of what to do when in front of a camera.
We all can’t look like movie stars...or can we?  
Most celebrities have been “trained” by great photographers how to look good when the lens is pointed towards them.
That’s my job! The thing to remember is “I’m looking out for you”, I’m going to help you look and feel your best.
I will be your “coach” and do all the hard work, all that’s required of you is to arrive well rested and in the mood to laugh and enjoy your shoot.
Thats all, everything else is my responsibility!

Let me introduce myself, I'm a husband, father, brother, dog lover, frustrated comedian, self-proclaimed “foodie” and semi-retired (wedding) photographer in Huntington Beach, CA.

Now for a little hyperbole...

I evolved into photographing weddings primarily because I was drawn to the joyful and natural display of emotions and feelings. I was fascinated by wedding photography because it involved mastering virtually every facet of photography, outdoors, indoors, families, children, crying babies, groups, portraits and candid shots, all skills I had to learn.
Add to that the reality of knowing I had to “get it right” the first time as there are no “do-overs” the next day (no pressure, right)?  Eventually I retired, but I missed the joys of photographing happy and joyous people; it made me feel good and I’m grateful to have been a part of their lives.
So, here we are...what to do next?
I’m going to change my status from "Retired to Semi-retired”!

I will be working with people one on one to produce HeadShots, Portraits and Portfolios that can be used for social media (Websites, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ect.), or printed for business cards and/or artists portfolios.

My goal is to touch everyone in a way that captures an expression that’s genuine, spontaneous and based on trust.